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Want an expert’s outlook on Auto Invest? Join us with Mr. Rusmik Oza, Head of Fundamental Research on 24th October 2018 from 4.30 PM onwards. Block the date. Register now here: #WebinarwithKotak #KotakSecurities #WebinarwithKotak

Posted on : 22 Oct 2018 12:56 PM

Good morning @⁨Sandhya Kannan⁩ , here are the copies for the BPN Here’s a lineup of top stories Nifty expecting a 25 bps hike in October; IL&FS defaults on loans worth Rs. 440 crore; Reasons behind Yes Bank tanking nearly 50% in 1 quarter. All this and more in today's Morning Capsule here #stocksinnews #stockmarket #morningcapsule #stocksinnews #stockmarket

Posted on : 28 Sep 2018 8:55 AM

How much do you know of Nifty's growth from 1,000 to 11,000? Know all about it here.

Posted on : 10 Sep 2018 3:18 PM

Things to Take a Note of RBI determined to ease inflation as Foreign Investors pull out Rs. 32000 crore this month alone and other pre-market news in today's Morning Capsule.. #KotakSecurities #MorningCapsule #KotakSecurities

Posted on : 22 Oct 2018 9:22 AM

Good morning! Is India part of the Emerging Market and their crisis? What's the impact of Crude Prices on India? All this and more in Morning Capsule, your pre-market update! #stockmarketnews #Sensex #Nifty #Morningcapsule #StockMarketCrash #TuesdayThoughts #stocksinnews #stockmarketnews #Sensex #Nifty #Morningcapsule #StockMarketCrash #TuesdayThoughts

Posted on : 11 Sep 2018 8:40 AM

Catch up with the top stories! - Rupee closes at Rs 71.739/$ - Hindustan Unilever takes the biggest m-cap hit - Amitabh Chaudhry to be the next Axis Bank CEO All this and more in Morning Capsule, your pre-market update! #stockmarketnews #Sensex #Nifty #Morningcapsule #StockMarketCrash #MondayMotivation #stocksinnews #stockmarketnews #Sensex #Nifty #Morningcapsule #StockMarketCrash #MondayMotivation

Posted on : 10 Sep 2018 8:51 AM

Here's your #QuizAlert for the week. Post your answers in comments and stay tuned to know if you have got it right! #KotakSecurities #QuizAlert #KotakSecurities

Posted on : 18 Oct 2018 3:00 PM

What do you know of the major milestones of Sensex points from 100 to 36,000? Know all about it here.

Posted on : 10 Sep 2018 6:00 PM

Did you know Midcap stocks have the potential to outperform large caps? But to know how to evaluate them, read here:

Posted on : 03 Sep 2018 3:00 PM


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