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With every IPO, ensure you look at the company financials in the past and about their plans in future. The debt ratio, profit holdings, operations, shareholders, management etc should be evaluated before pooling in a huge sum! #LetsTalkEquities #KotakSecurities #LetsTalkEquities

Posted on : 04 Nov 2020 9:42 AM

Of the several technical indicators, Moving Averages remains a favourite of many investors. Know why it is a must for your trading model and how to use its variants here- #TechnicalFunda #KotakSecurities #TechnicalFunda

Posted on : 30 Oct 2020 1:09 PM

Experts state that this year since companies earnings have collapsed, the P/E ratio appeared unnaturally high. Instead P/BV ratio is a truer metric for evaluating the market. Know more about it here: #NumberGame #KotakSecurities #NumberGame

Posted on : 28 Oct 2020 12:45 PM

Over the last few years, government-owned banks switched their focus to retail & service sector loans. But poor loan cycles increased the rounds of capital infusion by the government. Here is what we could expect: #KotakSecurities

Posted on : 03 Nov 2020 2:33 PM

Although performance of individual stocks has been polarized, IT and pharma remained strong. The Nifty50 index too gained 52%. Here is what analysts have to say about investing in cyclicals like cement & Banks: #InvestmentGyaan #KotakSecurities #InvestmentGyaan

Posted on : 29 Oct 2020 2:55 PM

Most investors strategies are based on analyzing the movement of market trends. But how do you know the direction and strength of the trend with certainty? Learn about ADX to find out here: #TechnicalFunda #KotakSecurities #TechnicalFunda

Posted on : 26 Oct 2020 12:29 PM

Measuring volatility in the market helps investors mould their trading strategies to benefit from the price variation. Here are key aspects of this must-know indicator and how it can assist you in gauging stocks: #TechnicalFunda #KotakSecurities #TechnicalFunda

Posted on : 02 Nov 2020 11:31 AM

Warren Buffet says that investing is not a game only for those with a 160 IQ! That means that understanding how the stock market works and spending time learning about it determines how well a person can strategize his/her investments! #LetsTalkEquities #KotakSecurities #LetsTalkEquities #KotakSecurities

Posted on : 28 Oct 2020 4:25 PM

Since companies are managing operations, meeting and selling remotely, the demand for software-as-a-service products has increased by 30% since last year. Know what that means for Indian SAAS companies here- #SAAS #KotakSecurities #SAAS

Posted on : 23 Oct 2020 1:08 PM


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