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#LetsTalkEquities Pro Tip: Study strategies but devise your’s based on your risk appetite- You can play safer or bet on probability. Although Options trading sounds confusing, learning about its strategies and jargons is not! Plus, you can get market exposure with limited capital too. Since you get to decide the level of risk you also predetermine the volume of return in future. #Equities #LetsTalkEquities #KotakSecurities #Equities

Posted on : 18 Mar 2020 4:08 PM

#LetsTalkEquities Pro Tip: Assess your risk appetite with a financial advisor to choose the right blend of stocks in your portfolio. Blue-chip stocks are not completely risk-averse. They are subject to market volatility too. Hence, evaluate your risk appetite as an investor and choose stocks wisely. Diversifying your portfolio in time will help you balance the risks and returns in the long-term. #Equity #LetsTalkEquities #KotakSecurities #Equity

Posted on : 26 Feb 2020 10:11 AM

Pro Tip: Study the #stock trends closely before #investing You should be able to research the stock well based on its past and present trends by paying close attention to the market sentiments and metrics of your stocks. Don’t turn a calculated #risk to gamble by basing decisions on speculations. #KotakSecurities #stock #investing #risk #LetsTalkEquities #KotakSecurities

Posted on : 11 Mar 2020 3:30 PM

#LetsTalkEquities Pro Tip: Study the company fundamentals and future stock trends before narrowing on a prospective investment. Understanding the risk-rewards relationship requires thorough knowledge of the market. Every financial instrument has its own risk-profile. That's why you must understand it before making any investment. A diversified portfolio is a healthy way to maintain a balance while aiming to achieve your financial goals. #Equities #LetsTalkEquities #KotakSecurities #Equities

Posted on : 04 Mar 2020 2:00 PM


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