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We often look at stock price fluctuations & wonder what could be the reasons behind these changes! Did you know, ev…

Posted on : 30 Oct 2019

Sensex was hit yesterday on backs of big fines. Market sentiments were further dampened by another downgrade in GDP…

Posted on : 25 Oct 2019

Indian investors can trade through the regular demat account whereas NRIs need to get the non-repatriable or the re…

Posted on : 22 Oct 2019

While stock trading is an important investment avenue, you need to steer clear of any scams that might make you los…

Posted on : 29 Oct 2019

A client ID identifies the depository you are registered with when you open a demat account! It also keeps track of…

Posted on : 24 Oct 2019

Global cues almost reach their positive finale & the Indian markets have continued to make investors happy for 6 da…

Posted on : 18 Oct 2019

Wish you all a very happy Diwali. Here's a small nugget of wisdom from @udaykotak when he joined us for Muhurat tra…

Posted on : 28 Oct 2019

A Demat account makes trading easy and keeps your investments secure! You can buy and sell shares digitally, check…

Posted on : 23 Oct 2019

If you still own shares in physical forms, it is time to move to the digital format of shares. They are better as t…

Posted on : 17 Oct 2019


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